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Analysis of market mechanism the International (Susqueh


  Wholesale money market Brokers Firm BGC Partners analyst Colin Gillis ( Colin Gillis ) that Jackson, the scheme can solve the problem of the interests of both sides. Yahoo! " Part of their shares to 阿里巴巴 in exchange for the latter may be IPO, thus, Yahoo! Actually still has the substantial assets . "

  Analysis of market mechanism the International (Susquehanna ) ( Herman Leung analyst Herman·Liang ) said: " Yahoo! Needs to be part of the shares sold back to Ma, so that the latter decided in the next 1 years, 2 years or 3 years the choice of listed. You must let MA content to obtain sufficient share. "

  In fact, Ma had hinted at such a deal in June last year, he sent to staff e-mail said: " our interests and the interests of electronic commerce industry and the increasing scale of consistent, so we could not be ruled out in the future to have the possibility of listing 阿里巴巴 group, because this is on the support and trust of our employees and shareholder returns. "

  The insider says, Yahoo! 阿里巴巴 group and the negotiations between the internal change and rupture not because Yahoo. Yahoo!, 阿里巴巴 has yet to comment. ( Music )


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